Saturday, December 17, 2011

From Russia with love


There are two Russian vendors that offer free SharePoint tools.

RebelSearch Document Preview for SharePoint Search 2010
Install this on your WFE server(s) and you will have a preview option of the search results.
Be aware that it runs under the farm service account, and that is considered a security risk by SharePoint itself.

HarePoint Workflow Scheduler , that allows automatic execution of SharePoint workflows ​by schedule.
HarePoint Workflow Extensions Free Set of Activities, with a lot of String functions (finally available in SPD!).
Together with Virto Workflow Activities Kit that offers a free rollup of activities from Codeplex, these are a very useful extension of the workflow activities in SharePoint Designer.

1 comment:

  1. Document Preview service could be configured to run under any dedicated account (Central Admin -> Security -> Configure service accounts).
    The only reason why it is using FarmAccount is simplicity of the installation process - it is grabbing account from Central Admin as one known to be working for sure.
    Well, point taken. We will make it configurable at some point.